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Pre-finale Geese Goodies - Part II

Ebbene si,la seconda puntata!

-I really have no idea how this could end any other way but Skate, I don't want to hope for anything but I'll be very mad if I ruined the last 3 weeks of lost because of paranoia and wrong signals.

Oh believe,the signals are everything but wrong,and u WILL be mad,LOLZ

-Finally, I agree about the Han Solo and Princess Leia comparisons with Sawyer and Kate in the promo – I just can’t ignore it. The Season 5 finale pretty much confirmed to me that they will
end up together

well,if you can't ignore the comparisation...just go ahead and ignore THE FUCKING SHOW IN FRONT OF YOU! fear you not! it's all good!

-Kate and Sawyer share a very intimate moment.OMGGG it's awesome!!!! maybe sex in the cages? And Jack leaves cause he saw their intimate moment!!! Loser!

I think I'm about to cry......LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sex in the cages part II,yes,that was TOTALLy gonna happen.
in fact,it did,there must be some supersekkkkrit deleted scene that shows it :-O

-wouldn't it be cool if sawyer gets caught too while helping Kate and they'll be put in opposite cells(like cages)? and maybe bad angry policeman starts beating sawyer and Kate will shout at him:''no..don't..i love him''? and they'll have flashes,remember each other,they're love,prove they're innocent and live ''HAPPILY EVER AFTER''

Aw,nice. You should write a fic about it.

-i want kate to say this words to james : i lost you once i never going to do it again


-Jack's eyes are on his destiny, not Kate. And I think Kate's seen enough of Jack to know the score there.That, to me, leaves Sawyer and Kate free to be together by the end of the series

uh uh.uh uh...except that..NO,your "logic" is completely wrong. BWAHAHH!

-I don't think Jate is gonna happen simply because of the way they've mapped that relationship. Get 'em off the island, have them get engaged, break up, go back to the island and run around changing time and blowing shit up....and what?
It seems to me that their endgame is now Kate/Sawyer, even if they're gonna spend the whole season doing it. It's the sort of dramatic epic love story these writers love.

someone give this one a dictionary with the words "dramatic" "epic" and "love story" bolded and underlined please..

-So tell me SKaters, what do you make of this latest LOST promo:
On the one hand, it ends with a Jate kiss. But on the other hand, it comes
immediately after a computer screen flashes "The beginning of the end."
-Its the begin of the end of Jate, its what promo its trying to say.. its begin with episode 1 and its gonna end with kate running to find sawyer...

Introducing the "interpreters of the promos" . Bows to their unimaginable talent. XD

-Do you really think Jack will get to be the hero and Sawyer will just stand there watching Kate picking Jack? No one is that cruel.

Kate pickeing Jack in front of Sawyer? O.o nhaaaa,that'd never happen.
it wasn't cruel indeed,since Sawyer was in love with Juliet XD

-Kate had MADE her choice. She chose Sawyer!!! Jate are dead romantically, totally over. They made Kate choose her man, even if he is emotionally unavailable at the moment, But it is season 6 and they made her choose, and she chose Sawyer, as the story had been saying she will for all those years. when? where?how did she choose? doesn't amtter..let's keep readin' ,there's more: I found it very funny and sad at same time that almost entire Lost fanbase is united in hating even the idea of Skate getting back together when TPTB are rubbing it in their noses. Most amusing.Few weeks ago I posted in another thread that there won't be any romantic conclusion in the island timeline. I was wrong, there will be, and now it is obvious it is Skate. Oh, and I am sure they will also get together in the alternate timeline. Good times people. Celebrate!!!
CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!! no srsly,u better do it people cuz u ain't gonna celebrate ever again after may 23rd.

-C'mon, if you don't celebrate now, when will you celebrate? (when pigs start to fly?) 5 out of 8 dark sources were confident that she chooses Sawyer, the others said that if they had to pick they would pick Sawyer, and no one said she picks Jack. Celebrate

oh yes,Dark's sources! still have to ask Andy if he faked those answers on purpose.
Oh,the fun he too must have had XD

-The level of delusion among the Lost fandom is scary. (it is,indeed)
I recently read a Recon review where a Suliet shipper said the Suliet coffee date is still upcoming because Juliet was talking about coffee and a cop when she was dying. How am I supposed to take people like that remotely seriously?

How are we supposed to even comprehend how butthurt u must be after seeing Suliet's reunion in then finale? that's right.We can't XD

-Evi has never said Jate is Fate. Evi has most recently been pro Skate, which is consistent with her opinion since the very beginning.

Evi recently pro-skate? yes,uhm. this is not 2006,dear.

one for the ages

-Folks, don't let all the negativity that the rest of the "charming" Lost fanbase bestows on us Skaters, get to you. My IQ is 139, I speak 5 different languages, I am an educated man and I can perfectly understand everything that happens in Lost, all that mythological mumbo jumbo, and dare I say that I understand it better then a lot of those self proclaimed Lost gurus, and I thoroughly enjoy it. (I don't want to sound like I am bragging, but I have to say it like it is). It seems that these days Skaters are regarded as dumb people who don't know what they are talking about. That simply is not true. We are a smart bunch of people. Take Fishbiscuit for example, she is the best bloody Lost recapper on the whole wide interweb. .so when it comes to Skate, I interpret things how they have been shown in the actual show. Jaters invent stuff, Sulieters desperately cling to...actually I don't know what, Alt reality maybe? But we? We have the actual show to speak for us.Peace and love people.

He has an IQ of 139 YO! and he is educated and all..who am I to even compare or to disagree???? O___o skate must be fate!

-For me, Jate and Suliet are such a non issue right now thats its not even worth worrying about. Jate stopped being an issue for me back in season 3, when Kate's true choice was made, and Suliet...well, the fact that the second Kate returned to the island and Sawyer jumped out of bed without giving Juliet so much of an explanation.... tells me that they've never been an issue

Hey,if Jate and Suliet ain't issues for you,that's just awesome honey! I guess they'll be KIND of an issue for skate,but I guess that won't be a problem for you either...or ....?

-I think the co-promotion that JH and EL did pre-season is another big anvil, and the fact that we have seen nor heard virtually nothing of any Jate promotion.

yes,a bunch of interviews made when Foxy was busy filming. Again you're basing your opinions over something that MATTERS. Go ahead XD

-Considering all the recent spoilers about the amazing amount of filming Kate and Sawyer are doing together and one about Juliet making an appearance via the smoke monster I don't believe I need to worry.

keep not to worry,you're gonna get screwed over anyway so why bother? XD

-I would like to see the evidence that there is anything left for Sawyer/Juliet when Juliet is dead. (I guess u'll get evidences pretty soon)And according to what we have seen in season 6, Jate is dead too.

you're right man,Jate are indeed dead,now they're together and heading into eternity side by side. wow,it's brilliant that u predicted this so early on! *rotfl*

-Kate will make her choice, Sawyer will make his, and Jack will make his. If things play out the way this season is suggesting, then Kate will chose Sawyer, Sawyer will chose Kate, and Jack will chose destiny

mmmh,niiice. But I fear that you've got at least 2 of those choices wrong,prolly even 3 considering Jack's "I love YOU",but I bet you noticed BWHAHAHAH!

-Kate's already told Sawyer "ILY" in Season 3. (REALLY? O.o)
She's never said it to Jack, period.

wait for it,babe ;)

-From where I sit, Skate is getting the meat and potatoes and Jate the crumbs but YMMV. I'm just happy to be sitting where I'm sitting five episodes from THE END.

Where is that you're sitting? *looks around* 'cause from where I sit, I see you shitting all over youself pretty soon,darlin'. And you have NO IDEA how happy we are that you've seen THE END ;D

let's end with 3 for the ages

-I can already imagine the comments from the Jaters if indeed Sk are endgame. They just won't let it be.

I think I just peed in my pants. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! it's like they're describing the behavior that THEY (meaning the 5 psychopat who's still surfing the fandom,since everyone else is gone) have had since may 23rd! oh...the LULZ!

-I know that Jaters will call it totally out of the blue heavens resolution and they won't accept it, but I don't expect anything less from those morons

lol! it's US calling it totally out of the blue resolution and not accepting it. luuuulllz! we're such morons! another lovely insult that you basically gave to yourself! LMAO!!!!!!

-Good fuckling luck you bubbleheads tomorrow night, hope you don't break your ass with your fall.

AWWW! now,you're just SO sweet! good fucking luck to YOU my dear!
and I'd actually be more preoccupied about YOUR asses, since Darlton stuck a giant KARMA up them...! :D

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ale-la-pazza1 ha detto...

Sono tipo morta LMAO

Non smetteranno mai di sparare cazzate LOL

ilaria ha detto...


Vi giuro, un fandom così non lo ritroverò mai più nella mia carriera shipper. Ogni volta credi che non possano più sorprenderti con le loro cavolate, i loro deliri senza senso e le cattiverie... e invece lo fanno!!! LMAO

Thank you guys!!!

any ha detto...

Leggere ste cagate (passatemi il termine perchè nn ne trovo di più appropriati LOL) col senno di poi è ancora più divertente!!
Mamma mia quanto si sono ridicolizzate/i queste shippers!
Nn c'è mai fine al peggio...parole sante, anzi di più! LMAO

Simona ha detto...

Più leggo queste ca***te... ehm "commenti", più mi rendo conto di quanto si meritino tutta la m****a karmica che si è loro riversata addosso.

Mi scuso per il turpiloquio, ma quando ci vuole...

Simona ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Giuly ha detto...

No ma le loro cavolate erano immaginabili, ma quella che vorrebbe l'intimate moment come un cage sex part II è da far rabbrividire. Io non mi capaciterò mai di sta cosa: ma lo sanno che la prima volta sono stati visti da tutta l'isola??? No ma poi quella vuole che Jack li veda e capisca tutto. Oddio ma che squallore è??? Un triangolo così che ci ha tormentato 6 anni risolto in questo modo balordo? A questa i flash dei Darlton e gli ILY con le lacrime agli occhi le fanno un baffo!

Mari Boreanaz ha detto...

i *meglio* commenti sono quelli in cui prevedono la NOSTRA disperazione dopo lo skate endgame e il NOSTRO negare quella che sarà la palese evidenza -- AHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHA non ho più nemmeno lacrime dalle risateeeeeeee

Giuly ha detto...

E quando dice che Fishbiscuit è la miglior recapper! Molto obiettiva devo dire! Lmao!

Ann ha detto...

Io non posso credere che si aspettavano il cage sex di nuovo nella 6 serie!
Del tipo, Juliet è morta da 2 si facciamo un pò di sesso con Kate ma XD... Non ditemi che ci credevano (e speravano) davvero!!!!

ilaria ha detto...

Si, ci speravano e volevano fortemente che Sawyer zompasse addosso a Kate due ore dopo aver seppellito la donna con cui aveva diviso gli ultimi tre anni della sua vita.


Ann ha detto...

Ma anche fosse stato 10 anni dopo.. Ma proprio no XD

Francesca ha detto...

i *meglio* commenti sono quelli in cui prevedono la NOSTRA disperazione dopo lo skate endgame e il NOSTRO negare quella che sarà la palese evidenza -- AHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHA non ho più nemmeno lacrime dalle risateeeeeeee

LMAO! lo so! cioè..sembra fatt di proposito!neanche a scriverle apposta stè cose potrebbero essere più comiche visti gli sviluppi che abbiamo avuto nel finale e post XD roba da pisciarsi addosso! BABBABIA!

Ann,sei nuova qui? :)

Giuly ha detto...

Benvenuta Ann! :)

Laura ha detto...

No ma dove stavo in questi giorni che mi sono persa questo spettacolo?

"Signori e Signore va ora in onda:Le Comiche!"
Giuro che mentre leggevo sentivo in sottofondo la musica del Benny Hill.

E come sempre questa grande storia d'amore si riassume in una sola scena: sesso nella gabbia!
Ah che romanticismo, Shakespeare impallidirebbe davanti a tanta poesia,

Cari amici Skaters, questo è quello che si ottiene a vedere uno show con gli occhi chiusi e a sputare 'monnezza addosso a noi.

cinzia ha detto...

Oddio Franci, con it tuoi commenti è pure meglio LMAO

E' mezzanotte e sto ridendo come una pazza.

Grazie karma, grazie!!!!

E non voglio nemmeno commentare su quanto siano ipocrite le skaters.

Ester ha detto...

Oh my God non avevo lettooooooo.. muahauahauahauha è comica la cosa xD mooooooooolto xD
Ma poi.. il "ti amo" di Kate a Sawyer nella season 3.. dov'è???? Pescatemelo perchè l'ho perso o.o
Ma la cosa che mi ha fatto morì dalle risate è quando una dice "immagino i commenti Jaters se l'endgame è skate" mauhaauhaauh.. mi dispiace per loro ma questi commenti non potranno maaaaai leggerliiiii.

PS: detto questo.. io mi sto rivedendo lost dall'inizio ç____ç maaaaa quaaaanto so belliiii gli amori nostriiiii <333333

Claire ha detto...

AHhahahaha oddiooooooo come ho fatto a non accorgermi di sto post!!!!

Le migliori sono quelle che profetizzano le reazioni jaters ad un endgame skate XD
Si vede che poi si sono ispirate a loro stesse dopo che è finito JATE bwahahahaha
E quella del IQ 139???? Povere sceme!!!

Grazie Karma!!!

Anonimo ha detto...