domenica 25 luglio 2010

Festa Dharma

Figata. Devo esserci. che figurone faremmo con le nostre tute Dharma!?!
peccato che credo nessuno del blog possa venire. Dai smentitemi! voglio andareeeeee!!!

venerdì 23 luglio 2010

Ma io voglio tutta questa robaaa!

Lo sapete che faranno un' asta in California con on set stuff di LOST?!
voglio tutto bwaaaaa!!!

Kate's grey shirt of dooooooom! quante volte ho riso alle hawaii x'aveva su ANCORA quella maglietta! la voglioooo! le scarpe orrende della dharma *_*

omg il costume del Pilot di Kate *_* una reliquia da idolatrare!

il supersexaaaay black dresssss!

no,la foto no ç_ç

ps - TWO MONTHS today ç_ç

martedì 20 luglio 2010

Tanti Auguri a un Jater come noi ;D

Che dire di questo ragazzo oltre che non si è mai meritato alcuni di quelli che si definiscono suoi fans? bello bello in modo assurdo,intelligente,divertente,le ha tutte oh. Da third wheel del triangolo,ha tifato Jate dall'inizio,e da amante e intenditore del suo personaggio,ha sostenuto il Suliet fino in fondo! senza Sawyer si sarebbero evitate molte minchiate (che si sarebbero potute evitare cmq,ma sorvoliamo,lol) ma si sarebbe perso uno di quei personaggi che pur non essendo mai stato chiave, ha fatto la storia di LOST . mio migliore incontro alle Hawaii : fighissimo,disponibilissimo,simpaticissimo. Dubito dimenticherò la nostra conversazione in italiano,la sua stretta intorno alle spalle, le sue dimples (e pure i suoi occhi.Ammazza...).

domenica 18 luglio 2010

Raduno 2010!

Raduno estivo di Jate Italia: 17/18/19 Agosto
Sede: Lago di Garda /Gardaland

Non ve ne ho parlato prima x' non era ancora sicuro. Adesso invece lo è quindi lo ufficializziamo ;D abbiamo pensato a Gardaland x' trovandoci ad agosto, quando ci saran 1000 gradi e milioni di persone in giro, non era facile decidere una meta dove potessimo farci gli affari nostri x tutto giorno senza annoiarci e senza farci venire un collasso x il caldo. Li c'è un po di tutto: sole,ombra,giochi con l'acqua x rinfrescarsi,zone pic nic x sedersi e chiacchierare.. si,ci saranno 1 cifra di persone ma si sopravvive,vi assicuro :P

Chi volesse raggiungerci è il benvenuto! Per chi venisse da lontano, abbiamo trovato un ostello a poco prezzo ( Sally,Giuly e Ilaria - e speriamo Stefy/Claire - han già prenotato) mentre per chi venisse da + vicino, ci si può trovare nel corso di una delle tre giornate. il 18 sarà giornata Gardaland mentre per il 17 e il 19 si accettano idee. Noi pensavamo a qualche gita su lago,pizzettina serale...e immancabile visione di "The End" :D

Per qualsiasi informazione scrivete pure nei commenti e,in caso,ci si sente poi privatamente x i dettagli! vi aspettiamo numerosi! LOL.

martedì 13 luglio 2010

Pre-Finale Geese Goodies - Part I

Prima parte della collection di meraviglie pre-finale dei nostri pennuti preferiti.
Fa troppo ridere leggere ste cose ora! grazie a Cinzia che si inoltra in luoghi che furono oscuri per trovare queste chicche!


-Poor darlings, I almost feel sorry for them, getting excited about anything except the actual show itself since on screen jate is basically a memory of the past

Aw,poor,poor... JATERS. WE have problems with the ACTUAL show XD

-Now.. seriously asking. What has Darlton ever said about Jate over the past 5 years? I mean, really said about them. Like the stuff they say about Skate.
-The Ultimate relationship,that's about it. And I think I remember Carlton saying something like "Obviously it's a relationship that we're very invested in."Which...WOW. What massive, comforting confirmation THAT must be of JIF!JIF!JIF! for the brainless wonders on the Couch.

-Darlton have NEVER said anything supportive of Jack and Kate's potential romantic relationship. Not that I can recall.

Apparently the only comment Darlton made about jate...was the ONLY one that MATTERED :-O

-It has always been jate vs Skate, well, only until I Do, then it was really just skate with some random jate thrown in. If those idiots really don't see where the story is going then we are just going to have even more to be pleased about when the finale airs!

Mh.....idiots who don't see where the story is going...interesting.

-Like I have said before, Jate fans are like the retarded cousin of Lost fandom

insults,insults, for my ears :P

After one of Evi's superjatey interviews:

-Evangeline Lilly is a retard. And I don't mean she does retarded things. I mean she's an actual retard.

Evviva! siamo tutti ritardati, pure Evi! Gli skaters : gli unici esseri dotati d'intelletto e lungimiranza. Solo loro hanno capito tutto....straLOL!

-Evi is an idiot, but it's clear that since she wasn't given direction to anything else, as of this interview she is still playing her scenes as if Jack is the love of her life.

-I already had my laugh at this but doesn't matter what her opion is, to me she's a moron who is not able to understand simple storylines.

Reeeally? guess who's the moron who's not able to understand simple storylines? *holds mirror in front of goose*

-I would not fucking buy any book from her, each chapter would probably be a completely different tone in comparison to the ending of the story, due to her lack of ability into seeing the big picture.

ROTFL!!! Oh no,you DIDN'T just mention the BIG PICTURE! lmaooo! don't worry,Evi will have 95% of the LOST fandom buying her book,she doesn't need your 5%.... ma poi,sai leggere? O.o

-Here's a little tip, Lilly. Don't get your information from a pie chart made by Franci.

Aw,I'm the one giving infos to Evi bitchessss!
Well,good that Franci was right then, uh? :D

-Something tells me 2010 is gonna be a good year!

sure!for jaters *nods*

-I KNOW RIGHT! I keep looking at it to see if there is ANY way that this is bad for us, but I can't find it

Should I suggest her a way in which this is bad for them? nha...why spoil the fun :P

-DUDE, any way WE WIN

Uhm,interesting...this reminds me of an old saying we had in the jate fandom: Either way,skate is screwed. LMAO!

-Let me explain something to you lurking bubbles(jaters) your ship will never have the lighting, chemistry or electricity of Skate scenes, so thus you will NEVER get a scene close to the intensity of the ones I just posted.

let her EXPLAIN something to us,poor bubbleheads YO!
lighting, serve proprio un ELETTRICISTA!
(quella dell'intensity non la commento neanche,lolz)

-The suliet fans are so delusional it hurts. They actually think that Juliet will be the mother of Jack's son and then go on to date Sawyer? Are they watching the same version of lost as we are?

No,they are watching LOST. You're watching the imaginary version.

(remember all the skate intimate moment/kate BILY/sawyer unconscious stuff?)

-OMG I'm guessing if Kate sees Sawyer unconscious maybe she'll pray Jack to help Sawyer, best scene ever : Please Jack I love him OMG this could be AWESOME

Oh it WAS awesome...for us! :D

-I'm genuinely excited for tonight and not just because of potential SKATE, seems like this one is going to be crazy.

-I predict this will be our longest episode thread this season and we'll be speechless when it's over

BWAHAHAHAHAH! oh Cactus,you WILL be speachless,YES! XD

- It will be the perfect opportunity for Kate to show Jack how much she loves James Ford

uh uh,uh uh,wait for it

-So when does Kate say BILH?


-It is definitely Sawyer, don't worry about that. I am sure that the scene will be emotional and powerful. The only thing I worry is that the writers will kill them all, meaning both Sawyer and Kate. I have to admit, that does not sit well in my mind, but what can we do?

Mh,let's indeed was emotional and powerful,for jate. No,Kate did not say bily to Sawyer. Tbtp killed almost all except of skate. No they STILL didn't end up together.Good prediction dear!

-Oh it clearly referrs to Sawyer, no doubt at all. Jate is dead, what's done is done with those two. Where Jaters find their inspiration is beyond me.

Mh,good question. I'll be sure to ask you the same question when I see you around. Oh wait,you're prolly not around anymore XD


-so "I couldn't find you" is the new "I love you"????

no,you'll have to wait for the finale for that. No worries,it's just 2 episodes away!

-You didn't win any shit because the last thing I know is that "I couldn't find you" doesn't mean I LOVE YOU


Aw,you like to say stuff that kicks you right back in yo ass uh?
who's the moron now? ;D

-So, what is going on with Kate and Sawyer? At the end, she ran to Jack crying saying she was worried that she couldn't find him. She didn't seem that concerned about Sawyer lying unconcious.

it was because:
(1) Just got shot in the shoulder.
(2) Presumably, Sawyer would be with Jack. And Jin and Sun, but of course that didn't happen.
(3) Blood loss.
(4) Just swam from a wrecking submarine.
(5) Jack's the doctor.
I'd think of more, but I'm kinda tired.

She'd think of more insanity...but she's kinda tired,you know

-I hate what they've done to Sawyer and Kate and in particular, Sawyer. First they had to kind of trash the iconic cage scene

ZOMG! how could they ruin the ICONIC cage scene O.O

-No way is Jack/Kate happening...they had their shot and they're not getting another.

uh uh. If you say so...

-Sawyer is lying unconscious on the ground but Kate doesn't even notice him and is saying to Jack with a super emotional, relieved voice that she couldn't find him. If that's not telling enough about who she's choosing and loving, then I don't know what is.

-This wasn't the first time this season the writers put her even physically in front of both of them and made her 'choose' - she clearly chose Jack on both occasions.

Ladies&Gentlemen,one braincell found.

-Right now I think Jack and Kate will get a very romantic but tragic ending on the island, but will be rewarded with a happy ending in the alt.


-Sawyer about the cages:
'I'm not going back in there.' We get it writers. Skate's not happening. No need to shit on their best moments. You could've left us at least that.

Nha,it's more fun this way!

-She picked Jack ? Why, because she said 'I couldn't find you' (which could have been plural) or because of the half hug thing ?

both? and for at least another million of reasons.

-When Sulieters and Jaters see that they are losing debate, they always start with insulting people

bwahahaha! this is one for the ages!

giovedì 8 luglio 2010

#Emmys - Tredici Nominations per LOST WOOO OOOH!

Tra tutte spicca l'attesissima nominations per Foxy!
ERA QUASI ORA!!!!!!!!!!!
E LOST,dopo anni, torna ad essere nominato come Best Drama!
e poi Terry e Michael,e addirittura Liz come Guest Star! si "The End" era proprio uno schifo di espisodio eh,6 nom solo x quello... XD

*Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series: Elizabeth Mitchell (”The End”)
*Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series: Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse. “The End”
*Outstanding Directing For A Drama Series: Jack Bender (”The End”)
*Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series: Stephen Semel, Mark J. Goldman, Christopher Nelson, Henk Van Eeghan (”The End”)
*Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series: “The End”*
*Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One Hour): “The End”*
*Outstanding Music Composition For A Series: Michael Giacchino, “The End”.

Siamo tornati ai Tempi D'Oro della Season1 people!

mercoledì 7 luglio 2010

lunedì 5 luglio 2010

Astinenza da Lost e Jate?

Da stasera riparte la programmazione italiana di Lost su Rai Due con i nuovi episodi in prima visione tv (se si esclude Sky ovviamente che quest'anno è stato sorprendente).
Appuntamento alle 21:05 con i nuovi episodi. Oddio nuovi è sbagliato come termine però sono sicura che c'è ancora qualcuno che non ha visto l'ultima serie.
Personalmente non mi sono fatta un re-watch dell'intera sesta serie e sicuramente ne approfitterò per rivedermi le puntate e gustarmi nuovamente questo meraviglioso capolavoro di cui fa parte la nostra coppia epica.
Magari possiamo ricommentare con il senno di poi le varie puntate visto che non ci stanchiamo mai di parlare di Lost :D

giovedì 1 luglio 2010

Jate || AU

Posto il nuovo video della nostra amica Liesbeth,è davvero particolare(e molto triste) alcuni pezzi sono fantastici...