giovedì 30 ottobre 2008

Happy Halloween!

Si lo so che tecnicamente non è ancora il 31 ma domattina sono in università e volevo farvi un happy halloween muy special! In realtà non mi piacciono le feste "adottate" solo a scopi commerciali ma Halloween,come Carnevale,è la mia festa preferita perchè non c'è niente di più bello che vestirsi e far finta di essere qualcun'altro per un giorno!quindi che ve devo sento molto! Prima o poi spero di riuscire ad essere in America il 31 di ottobre e vedermi il vero Halloween..per ora,accontentiamoci di questo:

La mia fantastica amica Michelle (Mysticxf per chi la conosce) ha intagliato la sua prima zucca.. ed è 1 CAPOLAVORO. giudicate voi!

ma che figata assurda è?!?! *bows to the genius*
Qui ci sono tutti i passaggi della favolosa intagliatura!

lunedì 27 ottobre 2008

SNBH Collection

Con la tesi finita e il naso mezzo rotto non ho davvero una mazza da fare,
quindi mi sono messa a leggere i commenti RIGHT after something nice back home dei jaters all around the interwebz. Sono cosi carini che ho pensato di postarli.

Enjoy! :)

LF(lost forum)
TF(the fuselage)

- THis is Soneya's Computer here. Soneya can't come to the keyboard right now because she has just smurfing DIED.Seriously....someone tell me that didn't just happen.SOmeone.Please. RIght now.I've got it on Tivo and just saw the shower thing so far.....Oh. Sweet. Zeus, Jesus, Buddha, Abraham, anyone else.Oh. My. God. - Soneya LF


-*Falls hard, has heat attack, dies* - Lari FF

- omfg best episode yet and it JUST NOW STARTED!!! - LostwithJack LF

-My head is about to fall off - Laura FF

-*alex Hits Her Head On Wall - Alex FF

- Ok, we now know that Darlton hates us, because they clearly want all Jaters to DIE.I can't even comment clearly anymore on this episode. - hatsumomo LF


-.....just no words.No. words. - Nancy LF


- KATE SHEPHARD IN THA HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Liesbeth LF


-Another flash forward.... he's coming to her house or their house... or whatever - YellowGirl FF

-my head hurts! - Wendy LF

-OHHH A RING!!!!He really thought this through! Awww I would cry but I'm too tired now -Shiran FF

-still no links for the episode and no clips for jate scenes!!! *jumps off the cliff* - Ozge LF

-Rip Liesbeth - Liesbeth LF

-I am Jumping up and down screaming!!!! -KCfan FF


-there's thrusting and his hand on her behind with her tiny bikin underwear, holy shnikes that must have been a hot day on set. If I was Evi Id be like Foxy I know your married but I'm going to keep screwing up this scene on purpose just to keep having you feel me up yeesh - Stun04 LF

-DARLTON I WANNA HAVE SEX WITH YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Liesbeth FF

-Words can't describe.... - ManofScience TF

-Jack: Will you marry me?Kate: . . . . . . .Chichiri: . . . . . . .Skaters everywhere: . . . . . . .Jack pulls a ring out of his pocket.Kate starts to cry.She says yes.Jack puts the fing on her finger.Kate: Of course I will, Jack, yes.She weeps with joy -- and gosh darn it, he's getting all teary-eyed himself. - Chihiri (recap guy not a shipper at all):

-Sweet mother of god!! - Nessie LF

-Oh wow ... words ... fail me right now. - Jinxy TF

-WHO CAN sleep? - Truefate LF

-holy crap how will we ever pick a new title? - Carlie FF

-*runs in wearing blinfolds*still havent seen it. know essentials. is hyperventilating. - Marina LF

-holy caesar salad!! - Nadia LF

-Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuh.... - Bella TF

-OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD I was stopping the eppy after 5 mins in order to take a DEEP breathe and squeeee! -Anna LF

-This episode surpassed my wildest dreams - Ella LF

-We are COMPLETELY mental. Seriously. We all need years of therapy and copious amounts of medication. - Bella TF

-*will come back with more coherent thoughts* - Carlie FF

-*squee* doesn't even cover it. - Luc21 TF

-i'm crying.................... can't stopjust can'tthat was unbelievable................. omggggggg- Seige LF

-i feel like i have eaten a ton of chocolate! - zatherran TF

-holy crap. best. ep. of. lost. ever. Sorry I can't type anything useful right now. I am still in a haze. - Kate LF

-O.M.F.G.!!! This episode completely knocked me off my butt in a fantastic way. -Cathangel FF

-I swear when I saw her in the shower I was screaming! My Mom was like " PLEASR Calm Down" lol! I was like YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS MEANS. - Courtney FF

-Sorry... can't type... too busy dying over and over. -Bella TF

-I still can't think straight - Ash FF

-Dude. I'm just blown away. All there is to it. I've successfully watched the hallway scene about a bazillion times. - Carlie FF

- And to think last week everyone was hyped just over the cracker scene ...! -Meep LF


-IT. WAS. SO. WORTH. THE. WAIT. - Whispervixen TF


-oh man that was SOMETHING FREAKIN' NICE BACK HOME ! - Liesbeth FF

-"It has nothing to do with us." -- DONE. Case closed. It is Jack who Kate wants. She wants to marry him. She wants to spend her life with him. It couldn't be any clearer than that. - Carlie FF


-**SCREAMS*** - Ladybirdkate TF

-Just checking if you guys here are still alive *giggle* I know I´m not - Marina TF

- I'm dead and typing this from jater heaven. But I see there are a lot of us here up on the clouds. - Jabs FF

-They are freaking NAKED - Trivia LF

-Im officially insane with happiness. Come visit me sometime. Room next to Hurley's. - AussieLostie LF

-is it okay if all I say is OMFG?!!!! - Diana TF

-asdklvbdasl;vbasdl;vbasdvbj!!!!!!!I am on 1.5 hours of sleep!!!!asdnvasogvbaovbgsabn........................DEDZ!! ! - Yas LF

-It was nice knowing you all.. *is dead* - Marina LF


-Jack in bed! omg pants! omg toy! omg a woman! OMFG KATE! - Meep LF

-Oh dear Lord, help me - Amber LF

-It has taken me practically an entire day to stop from being speechless about the awesomeness about last nights episode, so that my post could be more coherent than “ZOMG!!!!!" - Islandtracker TF


-*explodes* - ArticFox LF

-Now I can die. -Pauline TF

-I just watched the episode and all I have to say is THANK YOU GOD! - gogo LF

-Eeeeeeeeep!!!!!I've been making that sound every fifteen seconds for the last three hours. - RogueVader TF

-My hand are shaking..Ge I gotta gather myself! -maviefan LF

-WHO NEEDS FIC WHEN YOU GOT YOUTUBE!! GUYS. I absolutely cannot sleep - Lovey TF

- ... somebody pinch me!!!!!!! - alex LF

mercoledì 22 ottobre 2008

First promo of season5 wèèè!

BWAAAHHHH che figata! sono tutta hyper!
Jack clean shaven ..e sbaglio o l'idea è che gli 06 siano in pericolo/stiano scappando? muahaha "the safe house" vedo interessante.

lunedì 20 ottobre 2008

Jate Revival part III : 4x03

Dove Kate si esibisce in una dimostrazione pratica di "flirting like there's no tomorrow"..

e cercando questo video sono inciampata in "I'm not moving in with you James" e ho riso x 5 minuti pensando che Kate ha TOTALLY chiesto a Jack di vivere con lei. ma questi,si sa,sono solo dettagli XD

martedì 14 ottobre 2008


ma dai..beccatevi come Kate stringeva la coscetta di Jack suo durante l'operazione... *puppy eyes* me l'ero perso questo particolare.Ecco adesso sono tutta un WUB

domenica 12 ottobre 2008

Operazione Sorriso #1

perchè certe cose fanno troppo ridere per non essere condivise.
fasten your seat belts.


sawyer is off the island.
he has a mission.
the mission is to bring aaron back.
so he shows up at kate's door.
they have mindblowing sex without even talking.
then they talk:
sawyer tells her that she has to go back and take aaron with her.
she doesnt accept.
they have more mindblowing sex.till the morning.
then kate wakes up aaron is not there anymore.

sawyer took aaron back to the island knowing kate would follow.
kate is sooooo angry.
but stangerly aaron doesnt cry when sawyer kidnaps him.and why is that?
because kate showed him sawyer's pictures and told him that hisdaddy was sawyer.
so aaron thinks sawyer is his daddy.thats why he doesnt cry when his daddy kidnaps him.
anyways... kate goes back to the island.
sawyer explains the whole thing but kate is soo pissed.
they have angry sex.
kate sees the light,and they live happily ever after.


ma per voi per rovesciare lo show in questo sistema COSA fumano?

martedì 7 ottobre 2008

Jate revival partII : 4x02

chi non ha bisogno di un wink di Jack per cominciare bene la giornata?
senza dimenticare la battuta dell'anno: "I dunno stupid are ya?"

Questa scena mi fa morire..come fa il finto tonto "ma...ti ho fatto l'occhiolino".. e Juliet che se la ride.Kate è tutta "grrrr...smettila di fare il piacione"

lunedì 6 ottobre 2008

Jate Comic

Io sono sconvolta,parlavo proprio ieri di un LOST Comic...
guardate cosa han trovato su un sito manga,lo vendono a 29 pagina iniziale la metto qui..le altre come link perchè..... capirete il x' quando vedrete XD

domenica 5 ottobre 2008

Jate campaign *updated2*

Ieri ho spedito tutto a Evi. notare il disegnino sulla busta..

si lo so che sono un "pajaso" come si dice qui. si farà 1 risatella XD

venerdì 3 ottobre 2008

Jate Campiagn *updated*

Bwaaaaa che noia..!sono convalescente e non posso fare una mazza,quindi mi sono messa a scrivere a Evi XD la SuperCinzia ha stampato tutte le nostre Jate Cards al lavoro (ma non ditelo a nessuno..ancora il lavoro ce l'ha..per ora) su carta fotografica e me le ha spedite et voilà..

Và che belle che sono *me orgogliosa* questo progetto in realtà era solo x Damon&Carlton ma gliele mando alla Evi giusto perchè so che legge la posta dei fans e mi sembrava carino fargliele vedere,almeno se la ride un po' ! Voi avete avuto fortuna a mandarne qualcuna? I'm watching you O__O

giovedì 2 ottobre 2008

Mavie at LAX

Dai..fantastico sto manip , ma quanto so' bbbelli?tutti in coordinato pure XD

mercoledì 1 ottobre 2008

s4 deleted scene

direttamente dal blog della Eli...

Diiiio quanto è spaventata Kate mi piace troppo! la sua voce trema quasi.."he doesn't get scared he's too stubborn" ...